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        R::::::RRRRRR:::::R                                 d::::::d     R::::::RRRRRR:::::R                                                           
        RR:::::R     R:::::R                                d:::::d      RR:::::R     R:::::R                                                          
          R::::R     R:::::R    eeeeeeeeeeee        ddddddddd:::::d        R::::R     R:::::R   ooooooooooo      ooooooooooo      mmmmmmm    mmmmmmm   
          R::::R     R:::::R  ee::::::::::::ee    dd::::::::::::::d        R::::R     R:::::R oo:::::::::::oo  oo:::::::::::oo  mm:::::::m  m:::::::mm 
          R::::RRRRRR:::::R  e::::::eeeee:::::ee d::::::::::::::::d        R::::RRRRRR:::::R o:::::::::::::::oo:::::::::::::::om::::::::::mm::::::::::m
          R:::::::::::::RR  e::::::e     e:::::ed:::::::ddddd:::::d        R:::::::::::::RR  o:::::ooooo:::::oo:::::ooooo:::::om::::::::::::::::::::::m
          R::::RRRRRR:::::R e:::::::eeeee::::::ed::::::d    d:::::d        R::::RRRRRR:::::R o::::o     o::::oo::::o     o::::om:::::mmm::::::mmm:::::m
          R::::R     R:::::Re:::::::::::::::::e d:::::d     d:::::d        R::::R     R:::::Ro::::o     o::::oo::::o     o::::om::::m   m::::m   m::::m
          R::::R     R:::::Re::::::eeeeeeeeeee  d:::::d     d:::::d        R::::R     R:::::Ro::::o     o::::oo::::o     o::::om::::m   m::::m   m::::m
          R::::R     R:::::Re:::::::e           d:::::d     d:::::d        R::::R     R:::::Ro::::o     o::::oo::::o     o::::om::::m   m::::m   m::::m
        RR:::::R     R:::::Re::::::::e          d::::::ddddd::::::dd     RR:::::R     R:::::Ro:::::ooooo:::::oo:::::ooooo:::::om::::m   m::::m   m::::m
        R::::::R     R:::::R e::::::::eeeeeeee   d:::::::::::::::::d     R::::::R     R:::::Ro:::::::::::::::oo:::::::::::::::om::::m   m::::m   m::::m
        R::::::R     R:::::R  ee:::::::::::::e    d:::::::::ddd::::d     R::::::R     R:::::R oo:::::::::::oo  oo:::::::::::oo m::::m   m::::m   m::::m
        RRRRRRRR     RRRRRRR    eeeeeeeeeeeeee     ddddddddd   ddddd     RRRRRRRR     RRRRRRR   ooooooooooo      ooooooooooo   mmmmmm   mmmmmm   mmmmmm
             /./././.   | |
           /        `/. | |
          /     __    `/'/'
       /\__/\ /'  `\    /
      |  oo  |      `.,.|
       \vvvv/        ||||
         ||||        ||||
         ||||        ||||
         `'`'        `'`'
           OO:::::::::OO   F::::::::::::::::::::FF::::::::::::::::::::FE::::::::::::::::::::EN:::::::N       N::::::N SS:::::::::::::::SI::::::::IV::::::V           V::::::VE::::::::::::::::::::E
         OO:::::::::::::OO F::::::::::::::::::::FF::::::::::::::::::::FE::::::::::::::::::::EN::::::::N      N::::::NS:::::SSSSSS::::::SI::::::::IV::::::V           V::::::VE::::::::::::::::::::E
        O:::::::OOO:::::::OFF::::::FFFFFFFFF::::FFF::::::FFFFFFFFF::::FEE::::::EEEEEEEEE::::EN:::::::::N     N::::::NS:::::S     SSSSSSSII::::::IIV::::::V           V::::::VEE::::::EEEEEEEEE::::E
        O::::::O   O::::::O  F:::::F       FFFFFF  F:::::F       FFFFFF  E:::::E       EEEEEEN::::::::::N    N::::::NS:::::S              I::::I   V:::::V           V:::::V   E:::::E       EEEEEE
        O:::::O     O:::::O  F:::::F               F:::::F               E:::::E             N:::::::::::N   N::::::NS:::::S              I::::I    V:::::V         V:::::V    E:::::E             
        O:::::O     O:::::O  F::::::FFFFFFFFFF     F::::::FFFFFFFFFF     E::::::EEEEEEEEEE   N:::::::N::::N  N::::::N S::::SSSS           I::::I     V:::::V       V:::::V     E::::::EEEEEEEEEE   
        O:::::O     O:::::O  F:::::::::::::::F     F:::::::::::::::F     E:::::::::::::::E   N::::::N N::::N N::::::N  SS::::::SSSSS      I::::I      V:::::V     V:::::V      E:::::::::::::::E   
        O:::::O     O:::::O  F:::::::::::::::F     F:::::::::::::::F     E:::::::::::::::E   N::::::N  N::::N:::::::N    SSS::::::::SS    I::::I       V:::::V   V:::::V       E:::::::::::::::E   
        O:::::O     O:::::O  F::::::FFFFFFFFFF     F::::::FFFFFFFFFF     E::::::EEEEEEEEEE   N::::::N   N:::::::::::N       SSSSSS::::S   I::::I        V:::::V V:::::V        E::::::EEEEEEEEEE   
        O:::::O     O:::::O  F:::::F               F:::::F               E:::::E             N::::::N    N::::::::::N            S:::::S  I::::I         V:::::V:::::V         E:::::E             
        O::::::O   O::::::O  F:::::F               F:::::F               E:::::E       EEEEEEN::::::N     N:::::::::N            S:::::S  I::::I          V:::::::::V          E:::::E       EEEEEE
        O:::::::OOO:::::::OFF:::::::FF           FF:::::::FF           EE::::::EEEEEEEE:::::EN::::::N      N::::::::NSSSSSSS     S:::::SII::::::II         V:::::::V         EE::::::EEEEEEEE:::::E
         OO:::::::::::::OO F::::::::FF           F::::::::FF           E::::::::::::::::::::EN::::::N       N:::::::NS::::::SSSSSS:::::SI::::::::I          V:::::V          E::::::::::::::::::::E
           OO:::::::::OO   F::::::::FF           F::::::::FF           E::::::::::::::::::::EN::::::N        N::::::NS:::::::::::::::SS I::::::::I           V:::V           E::::::::::::::::::::E

Welcome to Red Room Offensive @ ECU

We are a red team cyber security club at Edith Cowan University in western australia. Our mission is to #Win_cysca and obtain the skills and recognition sought by industry.

The Cyber Security Challenge (CySCA) is an offensive security "hacking" competition run every year by the Australian Government. It is open to full-time undergraduate university students with each team containing upto four students, with each University able to enter upto four teams.

During the past four competitons the CySCA team at ECU has been able to place within the top ten positions on the leader board. In 2017 one of our teams placed 3rd so far our highest result.

Red Room Offensive was founded in early 2017 to organise CySCA training at ECU into an organised association with permenant ongoing training.

Our community is growing in numbers and everyone here is eager to expand their hacker skill set, and obtain a broader understanding of the industry and it's culture.

Much of our training is provided by industry professionals, who teach us their expertise and knowledge of certain security flaws that we are then able to take advantage of in order to become more proficient hackers. Therefore our members are continuously learning new skills relevent to the Cyber Security Industry.

If you're an industry professional who's wants to check us out, give a presentation or even sponsor us (we need funding for our Red Bull addiction). Just drop us an email or follow us on Twitter and we'll get back to you.

Contacting Red Room Offensive @ ECU

For operational security purposes we do not maintain any publicly accessable forum. The best way to contact our team directly is via our email address (Use PGP and we love you long time).

TWITTER: @RedRoomOffense
EMAIL: RedRoomOffensive@protonmail.com
PGP-Key: 3D7E7601
Fingerprint: C250 CBF6 FDEB 2AD7 3F80 C9DD D266 54CA 3D7E 7601

News and Updates

This is where we sometimes publically document the activities of the club. However there is a lot of activity that we don't publish for reasons previously outlined. The best/only way to get info on all club training and activities is to contact us directly as we keep all of our members in the loop via internal comms.

Code of Conduct ratified!

4th Februrary 2019

Red Room Offensive now has an official Code of Conduct to outline members rights and responsibilities. This code was written as part of the ongoing collaborative effort to to formalise the club and associated activities. A copy of the Code of Conduct will be permanently published on this site.

Code of Conduct

WACTF 2018!

3rd December 2018

WACTF 2018 is over.

This CTF has been built by members of the Perth security community. It’s not a set of theoretical challenges, it’s built from real life examples by people who work in the security field – penetration testers, developers, forensics specialists, etc. – with considerable input from industry. We’ve come together to put this event on to help uplift the profile of cyber security in W.A. – helping not only introduce new people to the field, but also to put industry and individuals together to help stop the brain drain (the exit of talent from WA) that we are seeing.

We have managed to place within the top ten:

WACTF Scores

Sectalks TraceLabsCTF - Missing Persons!

15th November 2018

SecTalks Perth ran a CTF focused on open source intelligence gathering this was our clubs first attempt at a CTF of this style, which involved gathering intel on real missing persons.

Trace Labs has offered us a unique experience by way of an open source intelligence (OSINT) capture the flag (CTF) contest. Unlike all other CTFs currently being offered, this is a non theoretical CTF that focuses on helping law enforcement find real missing persons.

We managed to place 4th overall and were able to maintain a steady score progression throughout the night.

Chart of tracelab scores

This was a fun, albeit confusing CTF and we hope to do more intelligence based CTFs in the future.

CySCA 2018

9th October 2018

This years Cyber Challenge Australia is over and we managed to place two of our teams within the top 30 places this year. The Scoreboard for CySCA 2018 is now available for viewing.

More Bots

30th August 2018

RedRoom has again taken part in Splunks Boss of the Soc on 30th August 2018. This time the competition was held nation wide and we managed to place 35th out of 105 teams.

EXAMs Hiatus

14th May 2018

Red Room Offensive is suspending training operations for the next 5 weeks to allow our members to focus on final assignments and exams. We will resume again on the 18th of June!

Boss of the Soc

12th April 2018

Red Room Offensive has taken part in the Splunk Boss of the Soc competition that was held in Perth on 12th April 2018

Boss of the SOC is a blue-team, capture-the-flag-esque (CTF) activity where participants use Splunk and other tools to answer a variety of questions about security incidents that have occurred in a realistic but fictitious enterprise environment. It's designed to emulate how security teams respond to real security incidents.

This was our clubs first Blue Team (Defensive) CTF and despite the unfamiliar terrirory we ended up winning the competition by placing 1st and 3rd place.

Boss of the Soc Scores

We had a lot of fun with this competition and look forward to trying some more Blue Team in the future!


1st March 2018

Red Room Offensive is seeking new members for Semester 1 of 2018.

If you are a Cyber Security student at ECU seeking to learn the offensive side of Cyber Security beyond what is taught in your units come and find us on Level 2 of Building 18 Joondalup @ 6:30pm every Monday.

News and CTF updates

11th October 2017

This section is new and will be used to document interesting CTFs that we have encountered. However we will not be posting anything that might give other teams an insight into our training or operations, so updates here may be slow.